Our Vision

Providing Shelter and Basic Needs

At our organization, we believe that every child deserves a chance at a better future. Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty and provide these children with the tools and resources they need to succeed in life. By addressing their immediate needs and offering educational support, healthcare, and emotional well-being, we aim to empower them to become self-sufficient and productive members of society.


Education and Skill Development

We strongly believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. We provide quality education to all the children under our care, ensuring that they have access to formal education as well as vocational training. By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, we empower them to pursue their dreams and secure a brighter future.


Located in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal, our organization is dedicated to providing care and support to over 300 impoverished and destitute children, as well as 100 Sadak and Sadikas. Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment where these vulnerable children can thrive and have access to the opportunities they deserve.

Healthcare and Nutrition

Good health is essential for a child’s overall development. We provide comprehensive healthcare services to ensure that the children are in good physical and mental health. Regular check-ups, vaccinations, and access to medical professionals are part of our commitment to their well-being. Additionally, we prioritize proper nutrition and provide balanced meals to ensure that they grow up healthy and strong.

Emotional Well-being and Support

Many of the children we care for have experienced trauma and difficult life circumstances. We understand the importance of emotional well-being and provide counseling and support services to help them heal and develop resilience. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to creating a nurturing and supportive environment where the children feel safe to express themselves and overcome their past experiences.

How You Can Help

We rely on the support and generosity of individuals and organizations to continue our work. There are several ways you can make a difference:

  • Make a donation: Your financial contribution can go a long way in providing for the children’s needs and ensuring their well-being.
  • Become a volunteer: If you have the time and skills, you can contribute by volunteering at our organization and directly impacting the lives of these children.
  • Spread the word: Help raise awareness about our organization and the issues faced by vulnerable children in Nepal. Share our mission with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of these children and give them the opportunities they deserve. Join us in creating a brighter future for the next generation.

Frequently Asked Questions


A Yoga Mandir is an ashram, a sanskrit word meaning “a place of spiritual work.” As per the name, this ashram is dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.


Sri Aurobindo Ghose was an enlightened guru who lived from 1879-1950 and co-founded the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry (previously Pondicherry) with The Mother, his spiritual partner. Sri Aurobindo was sent to England at the age of 7 with his brothers, but returned to Kolkata after studies in Cambridge University (then Kings College) to tap back into his Indian roots and resist British Imperialism. After an enlightening moment while imprisoned for revolutionary activities, he dedicated himself to refining his Integral Yoga, combining the core practices of Hinduism to unite spiritual and material work. The Mother was called to join him from France (though she is originally from Egypt) in 1914 and founded Auroville, a utopian community outside Puducherry dedicated to creating  the community they had always dreamed of.


The Ashram may not look how you expect. Instead of rishis and sages in white robes, you’ll see kids and teenagers running around with hoes, wheelbarrows and sickles are aa while laughing and singing in the fields and the schoolhouse. The core of spirituality here is karmayog, which states that this material life is the field of spiritual practice.


The Integral Yoga is Sri Aurobindo’s synthesis of Hindu yogic (spiritual) practices. It combines the upward drive towards ananda or enlightened bliss with a grounded dedication to satchid  or joy in the material and natural world that surrounds us. By grounding upwards spiritual movement with a descending force, the Integral Yoga addresses how we can create material surroundings that are most conducive to our collective spiritual progress.


Contrary to images in the West, karma yoga means karma (work) as yoga (spiritual practice). The yoga most commonly practiced in the west is in fact a form of yoga called hatha yoga, which is also practiced here alongside karma yoga. What karma yoga looks like in SAYM is everybody sharing labor on the farm, kitchen, guest house, school, cow shed, pashmina factory and more for each of our individual and collective spiritual progress.


The Ashram is neither an orphanage nor a boarding school. Nearly all of the kids have parents with whom the Ashram maintains varying degrees of contact. Many of the kids visit their homes, which range from as close as Kathmandu to as far as the western edge of Nepal, upon completing grade 12. The Ashram is dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth in the new generation, providing a unique environment where children can develop both academically and spiritually.

At the Ashram, children engage in a holistic education that goes beyond traditional academics. They are taught values such as compassion, mindfulness, and self-awareness, which are integral to their spiritual growth. Through various activities like meditation, yoga, and community service, the kids learn to connect with themselves and the world around them on a deeper level. This spiritual foundation helps them navigate life’s challenges with resilience and a sense of purpose. The Ashram’s supportive community fosters a sense of belonging and encourages each child to reach their full potential, both as individuals and as contributing members of society.

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“Karma from the past lives exists, much of what happens is due to it, but not all.  For we can mend our karma by our consciousness and efforts.”