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– Sri Aurobindo Ghose

International Democratic Education Conference 2023

The conference will take place in Kathmandu, Nepal from the 15th to the 20th of October. The Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir will be the exact place where the conference will be. It is an ashram (a community). We invite you to experience the Himalayas by participating in Himalayan IDEC from 20th October to 23rd October.


We are a community of children and adults from all over Nepal and beyond living Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's dream of an Integral Yoga community.

Ramchandra Das started the Ashram in 1993, and the community has since supported 1000+ children and adults from all over Nepal. Our students are farmers, teachers, metalworkers, classical dancers, musicians, artists, mathematicians, and trekking guides. They grow up in a community bonded by the philosophy that “All Life is Yoga,” from our farm to our school, our pashmina to our cowshed, and our kitchen to our dance studio. We hope to offer this same opportunity to spiritual seekers around the world to participate in individual and collective Divinization.

Our Locations


Terai location is our agricultural center. It is located in the breadbasket of Nepal near Chitwan National Park. Home to 13 hectares of organic fields, our farms provide 85% of the produce we consume.


Kathmandu is the Ashram's heart. It houses our Sri Matri Vidyala School, our ayurvedic hospital and the majority of our community. It will also be the home of IDEC 2023.



Gulmi is our spiritual center. Tucked away in the rhododendron hills of western Nepal, we come here to deepen our connection to the Divine, Peace and Serenity.

Stay With Us


Immerse yourself in the Divine Light learning from experts in hatha yoga, karmayoga, and rajayoga. Explore Aurobindo's Integral Yoga through work, play, meditation, singing bowls and wherever else your Spirit calls you.


Offer your skills and learn new ones in our farm, school, workshop, cowshed and more. Immerse yourself in the lived practice of karmayog by sharing in the labor which collectively makes this Divine Dream a living reality.


Explore the Himalayas with an Ashram guide. Walk through the abodes of gods in Hindu and Buddhist lore, stopping at holy sites, serene alpine lakes and other sites of Peace and Serenity. AuroNepal Trekking offer opportunities both to enjoy the ecological splendor, and take in the Divine Shakti or "power" of our unique landscape.

"Such a wonderful spot for personal practice, karma yoga, or relaxation... Though we only had time on our visa to stay for one week, we left feeling like family."


Curious about retreats, resources, volunteering or a getaway? Feel free to shoot us an email! We look forward to talking to you soon.