Sri Aurobindo Nagari (Nawalpur Branch)

A total self-giving to the Divine is the true purpose of existence.

The Mother

The Terai region serves as the agricultural cornerstone of our community, encompassing an expanse of 13 hectares within the fertile Terai plains in southern Nepal. Situated in proximity to the sacred Narayani river and the birthplace of the Buddha, it is strategically positioned within the Chitwan Buffer Zone, offering an opportunity to bask in the spiritual and natural abundance of southern Nepal.

Rhino Near Narayani River
Rice Plant
Lychee Fruit
Cow Farm

Our cultivation practices on this land extend to a variety of crops, including paddy, wheat, millet, barley, corn, and vegetables. These activities adhere to both traditional Nepali agricultural methods and contemporary permaculture techniques. The overarching vision for this land is to emulate the aspirations of Auroville, the City of Dawn, by rejuvenating previously barren areas and establishing food forests within a self-sufficient community nourished by spiritual principles.

The location is particularly conducive for individuals aspiring to establish a society characterized by complete harmony, fostering both inner and outer progress. Nestled within the Chitwan Buffer Zone, this area is frequented by indigenous wildlife, including rhinos, hornbills, and occasional elephants. Beyond its agricultural fields and guesthouses, our Terai residence features an impressive temple capable of accommodating up to 500 individuals for profound moments of reflection and contemplation.