Sri Aurobindo

Yoga Mandir

Sri Aurobindo

Yoga Mandir 

Type of Events

Many possibilities are offered on the one hand with Ramchandra and on the other hand with the person accompanying him when possibie.

List of possible activities

With Ramchandra


Ramchandra can share an many subjects relating to the spintual path, education, integral yoga, everyday sprituality, S an oie, etc.


Yoga nidra (Yopic relaxation)- Yoga asanas (Relaxation and stretching pastures) – Pranayama (yogic breathing) Meditation of the heart


Ramchandra can tell his whole life story… or a particular period.

Stories and Tales

Ramchandra can tell stores from sacred texts. There are many and he knows quite a few. He is a captivating storytelle

Nopalese meal

Ramchandra and the comgpanian can prepare the typical Napalese meal, based om nce, lentils, and vegotabilas.

With a young professional dancer from the ashram

Ramchandra and the comgpanian can prepare the typical Napalese meal, based om nce, lentils, and vegotabilas.
Dance workshops

With a young cook from the ashram

Nepalese caoking workshaps- even Ayurvedic cooking

With Abel

Abel has been a member of SAYM ashrams since 2018 and founder af Oräma
Sharing concert-Song of mantras and sacred songs of the warld
Mantra song warkshaps



The events implemented can last one evening, half a day-morning or aftarnoon-ar an entire day, ar even two
Everything is possible!


Private raom, village hal, activity room, garden . Here too, averything is possible! The impartant thing is that anyane who wants to come can come back and participate in the event.

Solidarity Market

A solidarity market is systematicaly implemented during any meeting
Ramchandra and his assistant bring many products: 100% natural incense made in the ashram, handmade pashmina shawls, spice mixes from SAYM, “AlI Life is Yoga tea-shirt, bags, jeweiry, clothes, etc.
This requires at least 3 m tables, and if possible, 5 or 6 meters.


Each tour of events requires planning accommodation and travel for Ramchandra and his or her assistants.

Participation in a Big Event

Yoga Festival, Welliness Forum, Soul Medicine Fair, Mountain Festival, Solidarity Travel Fair or Globe-Trotters, ete. there are many opportunities to publicize Sri Aurabindo Yoga Mandir and/or Auronepal Travel & Trek without Ramchandra Das or another member af the ashrams baing present.

Representation of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir

You can represent us

Of course, we need to know you, spend time with us in Nepal

We will support you at best