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Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir is totaly dedicated to serving children and young people, the ir education, their education, and their future…in the spirit of being at the service of all beings in the world
In the same spirit, each visitor is invited to implement a solidarity dimension to their trip.


Each visitor is invited to complete their suitcase (s) with clothes in good condition or some utensils and materials that the ashram needs.
Everyone generally has the option of travelling with luggage from 23 to 30 kg.
With Air India, some flights allow you to take two 23 kg suitcases. They are the only ones to allow this.
We invite you to choose this airline and these flights. Certainly, they are more expensive, but the addition al cost is less than an additional 16 or 23 kg on another flight, whatever the campany, it seems. But not all of them have been checked. Learn about the company you plan to take.
IMPORTANT: Do not buy pencils, notebooks, or anything to bring to Nepal, unless it is on the list. Better to bring the money with you and give it to the ashram for them to buy in Kathmandu. They can have 10 times more


  • Various kitchen knives and utensils – strong and resistant
  • Vegetable peelers strong and durable (metal rather than plastic).
  • Tea strainers
  • Strong and resistant blenders (Umni blend for example)


  • School supplies
  • Laptop
  • Tools for school laboratory. Microscope, small glass plates, etc.
  • Balloon Planet -Continent and Country Maps (in English) – Nature Posters
  • Video projector
  • Wireless bluetooth PC connection mouse, with USB bluettoth PC connection key
  • Individual and collective skipping ropes


  • Cildrens clothes – from8 years ola (Nepalese are smaller), inciUding Key, TIeeces, anoraks, ana oeanies TOr winte- NO neea to oring clotnes Tor Children up to 7 years old. Th eashram already has a lot.
  • Adolescent and adult clothing, including anoraks and soccer jerseys from well-known teams-Some young people like it!
  • Jackets and adult jackets
  • Flat and fiexible shoes, boy and girl, from 35 to 44


  • Large and small special scissors for sewing
  • Darning thread
  • Sewing buttons
  • Zipper siliders

Health and Beauty

  • Lice combs-mechanical and electrical –
  • Natural make-up (nails, eyebrows, eyes, foundations, etc.)
  • Sacred oil from Madagascar (Du Coté deslles)
  • Coconut Oil and Rosehip Oil
  • Bhagirathi, who came with Ramchandra in 2018 to present a sacred dance performance, is finishing her studies as a professional dancer 0dissi. Her skin was dam make-up. The sacred oil of Madagascar is a wonderful oil to repair the skin:

Daily life & Leisure

  • A few hundred meters of 3 or 4 mm rope (No clothesline with plastic around it)
  • Watches
  • Cameras
  • Used mobiles
  • Ping pong rackets and balls
  • Musical instruments: guitar, flutes, etc.
  • Classical guitar strings (nylon)


From the moment your trip is scheduled, any initiatives you can have to raise some funds are welcome. And if you can only make a E 50 kitty, it’s already magnificent. Each hummingbird is important de spite its small size.
Kitty, solidarity sales, solidarity workshops or courses, etc. your creativity can be limitless.2 solutions are available to you for this financial solidarity
Checks: it is entirely possible to go through the association Les Enfants de Ram. We group transfers for SAYM 2 to 3 times a year to save costs. Important: each transfer received from France costs E 30 at Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir. This is why we group them together. Cash: change everything you want to take into denominations of at least E 50 to give to the ashram on arrival. This facilitates the exchange.


Very Important Arrived on-site, entrust everything you brought to a manager who will change to distribute ít on time and to who needs it. Do not individually give one or other of the children a doll, a pair of shoes or a pencil, etc.
Sometimes, on the spot, there are also privileged relationships with one or other of the children or young people. Often there is a great temptation to buy something. to give gifts. Ramchandra strives to provide education without selfishness and individual privilege.
Please do not short-circut this background work! Individual gifts subtly nouri sh a sense of possessiveness despte all the goad intentions of the heart which guide your actions.



The Nepalese rupee- different fram the Indian rupee, is the currency of Nepal. Its exchange rate varies from 110 to 125 rupees for 1 euro, or Rs 1000 for just over 8 E
No need to change your money when you arive at the airport: the ashram will uide you for that

Telephone and Internet

wIFT is available everywhere in ashrams. It is therefore vwise to install WhatsApp on your mobile and ask your friends and families to do the same. This will allow you to communicate for free by message, phone or video with them. but also to send them photos, videos, sound recordings. FREE OF CHARGE
To call and communicate everywhere, in the mountains and in the countryside, you must buy a Nepalese sim card. The ashram can guide you for this.


The current is 220 volts. There would normaly be no need for a plug adapter, but if the European tips with 3 round triangle plugs fit wel, the tips with 2 round plugs do not fit into Nepalese sockets. For that, it is, therefore, better to have a multiform adapter allowing to adapt to all types of configuration. You can also bring an extension muitiple plugs which will adapt pefectly n the Nepalese plugs and will allow using plugs less adapted to 2 or 3 pins.
t is good to have a fiashlignt. in Nepal, power outages are sometimes common

Everyday Life

In Nepal Saturday is THE holiday of the week It’s like Sunday with us..and Sunday is the first day of the work wek! Chilidren go to school
At the ashram, Saturday morning is devoted to kama yoga, senvice at the ashram. For some, it is to sell vegetables and products from the ashram at the organic markets of Kathmandu.
Un Fioay, Trom a p.m., tne nive sets tO work to prepare all tne vegetaoles. un Saturoays at 5.30 am, the cars are loaded and at b.3U am the sellers leave to sell on tne 3 organic mafkets or Kathmandu.
At the ashram school, children start at 10 am. and finish at 4 p.m, with a break between 130 p.m. and 2 p.m. for a midday snack.
They have a meal at 9:30 am and a second at 6.30 pm with the traditional dal Bhat vegetables and chapatis. n the morning, at 8 a.m. and in the evening at 4 p.m, they al have an hour of karma yoga
Visitors make their 3 traditional meals:
8:30 am Nepalese breakTast- vegetables and / or potatoes, chapatis, bananas, yogurt and herbal tea –
23u p.m.ip.m.. Lunch
5.30 p.m.- Dinner

Potable water

A bottle of drinking water is provided free of charge upon arrival. You can buy additional bottles (25 Rupees per bottle).. ut you are encouraged to use filtered water from the water station opposite the kitchen. It will be a gesture towards protecting the environment. Do not hesitate to ask for hot drinking water (tato pan, in Nepal) in the kitchen, f you need to.


no laundry service on-site. Everyone can wash their loundry in their bathroom. To dry it, everyone hangs it on the balcony railings., upstairs or at the very top. on the roof. taking care here i to wring it well so as not to water those who worK Or eat in front of the kitchen.


The ashram shop offers many items: food products (honey, spices, seeds, etc), booksin French by Sn Aurobinda, La Mère or the autobiography of Ramchandra, 100% natural incense, shawils, towels, bags, shoes, t-shirts, pashiminas, Ayurvedic products and many other handicrafts. Many products are made at the ashram


n Uetober, NOvember, and December, the siky is normaly ciear, the Sun is shining and the vitew of the mountains is very orten pertect. he temperatures ouring the day are pleas ant. its a eat tine to sit Nepat, tnougn tne temperatures can ger coloer snd colder in tne evenings ss you ger cioser to tne endOT tne yeat
January is tne coldest month. it is go0d in the sun Durmg the oay. Decemiber and January are the rignt time to stay in the ierai ashrarm, in the south or NEpal wnee the cimate is much ilider..and mosquitoes much less present
n winter, trekking is always possible at atitudes belw 3000 m due to the cold. Ihe weather is very clear and the visibility of the mountains excelient
From mid-February, the climate becomes milder. From March to May. the days are sunny and the temperatures are milder. It is the flowering period of fhododendrons, which are real trees and ot shrubs as with us. Ihats wandertul
he view or the mountains is less and iess good as the mons0on approactnes, especialy m the Anmapurna region.
he monsoon extends from mid-June to mid September, roughly
It is due to the masses of humid air that rises from the Bay of Bengal and is blocked by the Himalayas. Obliged to rise, they cool and condense to fall back in the form of rain.The monsoon can be very violent and generate large floods or landslides. Certain regions are less affected, such as the north of the Annapurmas, Haut-Dolpo, and Mustang The monsoon is also synonymous with leeches. They can be very numeroUs! Fortunately, nature has made available Artemisia, a plant very present in Nepal and very effective in stopping the blood because leeches inject an anticoagulant to be able to suck. They disappear with the dy season, but can still be frequent until November in wetiands, whether in the Terai plain or in the mountains.


NO vaccine is required

Here is some information suggested to live a heaithy trip.
You decide what you want to bring: this list is for reference only.
  • Citroplus, grapefruit seed
Vitamin B cure-Jacques Vigne, who has lived in India for many years, advises BENERVA ROCHE, Vitamin Bl in coated tablets at a high dose of 250mg. One tablet per day. This gves the body a fragrance that mosquitoes dontlike. Start before the trip.
Sovarum to breathe and put on the skin after a mosquito bite, as a disinfectant.
China 7 ch, homeopathy granules in pharmacies, against diarrhea. HE preparation for travel
Friends use the following HE Compounds when traveling to India, Asia, Africa or South America. Ihey are effective in preventing intestinal problems and the consequences of mosquito bites.. even if it does not taste good.. especially at breakfast “
These preparations can be ordered in pharmacies.
Oral formula 2 drops per day
HE. Thymus vulgaris s.b. thymol 25% HE Origanum majorana l0%
HE ROSm. ot.verbenone lb%
HE Melaleuca leucedendron 15%
HE Pimenta dioica s.b eugenol, chavicol 10%
HE Inymus satureioiedes s.b borneol 1O%
HE Mentha piperita s.b menthol 5%
HE Cinnamomum zeylanicum op. bark madagascar 10%
Dermal formula, 1 application per day on the wrists:
20% of a mixture of 5 H.E
HE Eucalyptus citriodora 25%
HE Cymbopognon winterianus 20%
HE Aniba roseodora 30%
HE Mélaleuca quinquernervia sb viridiflorol 18%
HEY ? (pharmacies know, dixit Bé.) 7%
80% HV Jojoba
Other proposals to complete tha health kit:-
  • Tea tree essential oil (disinfectant) Small tube of green clay paste (for wound)
Magnesium chloride for digestive concerns, to put in drinking water
Vegetable coal
Rescue (for emotional shock)
Arnica 7 ch in homeopathic granules (muscle pain)..
Mother tincture of Echinacea: 30 drops morning and evening, to prevent infection. It is also the best antibiotic equivalent. To be taken in continuous treatment from the day before departure until 1 month after.

All these indications are not to be taken as a take-away list!

It’s up to you to decide based on what you feel, what you can or what you intuitively feel.