Sri Aurobindo

Yoga Mandir

Sri Aurobindo

Yoga Mandir 

Himalayan Ashram

Discover Nepal

as few people get a chance to meet him:

in the heart of the country and the people!


Journey to meet Ramchandra Das and the Ashrams of Sri Aurobindo yoga Mandir- SAYM – to the Tapobhumi hermitage of Gulmi, set like an eagle’s nest at an altitude at 1910m, in the foothills of the Himalayas.

A great family of joy

You will spend just over 6 days in each of the three ashrams of SAYM, a non profit organization that welcomes children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Nepal.

SAYM offers them a large family of joy. a home, health, education and instruction for a dignified and responsible future, in line with the teachings of Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

A Journey of solidarity

Focused on the children’s future so that they become dignified, balanced and solid beings, anchored in yoga and generosity, the organization does everything possible to be as autonomous as possible: ashram schools, orphanage-10 to 15% of the children’s – dairy and market garden farms in organic agriculture, craft workshops, Ayurvedic hospital, and financially supports the whole organization for its evolution and development. The opportunity will be given to participate in the activities of the ashram and its departments.

A Spiritual Journey

Ramchandra, by his presence alone, offers a bath of simplicity and grandeur, of depth and unshakeable faith, an immense source of inspiration and an example that invites one to dare to fully manifest the beauty and harmony in and around the Self.
Apotheosis of this stay, the Hermitage of Gulmi is a green and luxuriant reserve of fauna and flora, a space of silence and pure air, a privileged place to deepen peace, contemplation and


Ashram of Katmandu

You will spend a week at Yoga Mandir, the organization’s first ashram built around the small stone house at the beginning. This will be an opportunity to share karma yoga times with the whole family, go to school with the children and discover the history and life of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir.
A first week that will allow you to enter into a totally different culture and vision of life and that will not fail to raise many questions.

Ashram of Terai

For this second week, we’re heading for southern Nepal and the fertile terai plain.

We will radically change of atmosphere

The Sri Aurobindo Nagari is an ashram that many consider as a paradise. Nature is abundant, the sweetness of life tangible. Located about 200km east of Kathmandu, near the banks of the sacred river Narayani where the Buddha was born, in the heart of rice fields and typical agricultural villages, it is a green bath where the family atmosphere is very strong. About fifty people live there, including about forty children between 11 and 15 years old. It will be a time of sharing where the earth will be very present!

Ashram of Gulmi

We will spend the last week at Sri Aurobindo Tapobhumi, the Himalayan Eagle Nest of SAYM, an inspiring space for meditation, contemplation and peace!
It will be the week of interiority, the occasion for a mini retreat with Ramchandra.

  • Yoga: shortly after sunrise, with Prem, Ramprasad or Sushma, 3 of the oldest young people of the organization, trained in India.
  • Bhajans: mantras and sacred chants of the Worid with Abel (Oräma).
  • Heart meditation: under the guidance of Ramchandra.
  • Yoga Nidra: conscious relaxation guided by Ramchandra.
  • Stories by the fire : stories of Ramchandra’s life and initiatory stories from the Vedas and the the Various treks villages, forests..
    Gita… told and shared by Ramchandra.
  • Meetings with families and with the village school.
  • Possibilities of massages and ayurvedic treatments.