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A few words of history

Ramchandra was introduced to the naturopathic approach at an early age by the sadhus he met and who have been passing on for thousands of years the simple remedies that nature offers
With all the children in the ashram, the question of health and care has been raised from the beginning

A friend of Ramchandra’s, Radheshyam, was a naturopathic doctor. They met at the Ashram in Pondicherry. This doctor had stayed there for four years, before returning to Nepal. He had two children with his Nepalese wife. The four of them came to the ashram in Kathmandu. They stayed for three or four years. He gave treatment to children, but also to outsiders. He taught massage to several young people in the ashram.

Srijana, one of the first children, who arrived in 1998 at the age of 13, was very interested in natural medicine. She worked with him. She helped him. Given her interest in these methods of care, I sent her to India to study naturopathy, massage, and yoga. She then worked at the ashram as a naturopath.

Like Radheshyam before her, she also gave consultations to people in the village. She also gave a lot of massage lessons. She worked at the ashram for a few years and then married a French man. Since 2016, she has been living in France, near Tours…but this natural approach to health and care continues.

The ayurvedic and naturopathic hospitals will open in autumn 2022.

The secret of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir in terms of health is to be happy and at peace!
This is the best medicine! It avoids most health problems, and it solves them more easily when they arrive.
The Mother said:

lf you smile at life, life will smile at you!

A few words of Presentation

Naturopathy is known as the science that implements the power of nature to balance the five elements of our body.

It is basically very close to nature or its procedures are natural which has no side effects but has a great power of healing

It is totally connected to Nature, in the broad sense, and its Perfection. All its procedures are natural and have no side effects.. but still have great healing power. Not only does it implement natural Physico-chemical processes… but it offers all the energetic and subtle perfection of a world still largely unknown outside the classical dimensions of modern science.
Only a tiny part of the immense perfection animates trees and forests in their ability to adapt and communicate with each other, their interaction with the climate, etc.

Based on natural resources and the perfection that animates Nature, it is always focused on the fundamental cause of an imbalance and works to repair it. Naturopathy not only heals what we see, but it is far beyond our vision, always working to balance the five elements of our body.
Naturopathy is a complete therapy.
It includes the following:
  • yoga
  • pranayama- yogic conscious breathing
  • the balanced diet
  • and other dimensions of life that are directly related to health.

It touches upon the deepest reality of human existence: we are, it is a fact, creatures of Nature evolving, normally, in a world – the Earth – which is Nature above all things, even if the modern era created cities and megacities cut off from nature, it remains subject to the laws of Nature. It is enough to see what happens to these cities under the influence of an earthquake,
a volcanic eruption or a cyclone to rediscover the Power of Nature in front of which our creations are very small

All naturopathic treatments are based on the five elements: earth, water, fire, ether, and air.

MUD Therapy

The process of treating diseases by direct or indirect application of medicinal mud into the entire body or local parts of the body is known as mud therapy. It is a very ancient treatment
technique known to be used extensively in ancient Greece. But there is a good chance that it has existed before.

The earth contains many minerals that are beneficial to human health.

in Gulmi, the sludge used is extracted in-depth about 50 cm below the earth’s surface. Why 50 and not 10 as most of the time? This is what is transmitted from generation to generation.
There is no doubt wisdom in this particularity.

Based on natural resources and the perfection that animates Nature, it is always focused on the fundamental cause of an imbalance and works to repair it. Naturopathy not only heals what we see, but it is far beyond our vision, always working to balance the five elements of our body.

It is then cleared of pebbles, decomposed material, and other soil impurities. The clarified mud is then left in the sun so that it naturally activates its minerals. At the time of use,
the soil is mixed with water to form a clay paste that is applied to the skin. It is permissible to let it dry in the sun until it becomes cracked and begins to crumble.

This therapy is excellent for restoring balance and health during skin diseases, joint ar muscle problems, eye problems, or indigestion problems. it also regulates the endocrine system
secretion of hormones – and exocrine substances intended to be expelled from the body into the outer environment.

Duration= 30 minutes

The duration of treatment is commonly 15 days or plus according to the situation of the patient.

WATER Therapy

The therapy which is done by the use of hot ar cold water for internal and external use is known as water therapy.

Indications reproductive organs problems, constipation, immunity, chronic fever, weak tissue, and blokes of toxins in the body. pressure, insomnia.

Duration= 20 minutes
Duration of treatment is 18 days.

FIRE Therapy

The therapy in which fire elements such as sunrays and fire is used in the different form to cure the diseases is known as fire therapy

Indication= stiffness in muscles and bond, weakness, lack of appetite, asthma, weak vision.

Duration=15 minutes

18 days or plus according to the status of a person

EITHER Therapy

Erther elements is ane af the most important alements which is termed as empty space in the body and its is based on classical principal of fasting
Indication=constipation and indigestion, problems on lungs and heart, diseasas on reproductive system, disharmony between mind, body and intellect, prablems on alimentary cannel
Duratian=l5 days
18 days or plus according to the status of person

AIR Therapy

It is one of the sweating baths in hydrotherapy with a hot air bath or sauna bath. it is a therapeutical measure which consists of the exposure of the entire body, except the head to a superheated

indication= rheumatism, obesity, sciatica, lumbago, gout, lithia.

The therapy are to be done with massage either before or after
Duration=15 minutes
16 days