Our Activities

Organic Farm and Cowshed

Our farm and cowshed have fed our community  since the Ashram began. We combine contemporary permaculture with ancestral farming practices to produce 85% of the produce we consume. Growing across tropical, sub-tropical and temperate climates, we are able to produce crops from bananas, to cauliflower to mountain potatoes and more!

Our 155 cows in turn provide us with the five holy offerings: we use manure and cow urine to make fertile soil and natural pesticides, and the ghee (purified butter), dahi, and milk nourish us and provide our most stable source of income. Our cowshed and farm go hand in hand to feed our community and create some of the highest quality vegetable and dairy products in Nepal.

Cultural Heritage

In our community, we celebrate our vibrant heritage through religious and historical programs in dance, debate, dramas and more. Our Ashram is renowned throughout Nepal for our classical Nepali, Bharatnatem and Odissi dance programs. Our teachers grew up in the community and completed masters in India and some have even traveled the world performing and teaching dance!

All our children have the opportunity to partake in dramas around important historical events to celebrate Nepali artists and history. We perform around Kathmandu and at home for Hindu and Nepali holidays and invite all to enjoy good food, good prayer and good art. 

Matri Aurobindo Vidyala

Matri Aurobindo Vidyala  teaches 150 children from class 1 to 10. Nearly all of our teachers were once students here, and the children receive a valuable, loving education from their older brothers and sisters. They till soil, gather fodder for cows, cook our meals and teach and learn together as part of our holistic educational practice


We say “all life is Yoga,” and also acknowledge that all life is education.  Accordingly, all students spend time at each ashram and take a gap year internship with the Ashram after college (grade 12 in American schools). They lead projects in Terai, Kathmandu and Gulmi, teach and learn any other skill they desire. Even by Nepal’s standardized education standards, Matri Aurobindo Vidyala is one of the best schools in the valley.

Ayurveda and Naturopathy

From the farm, to the school, to the cowshed, to the workshop, there are ample opportunities for those looking to get to work. All volunteers are encouraged to stay longer than one month to develop comfort with our work environment and familiarity with those they work with.

Learn about democratic education, Nepali permaculture and any other trade through participation! We welcome volunteers at all stages of life and we can work with you to talk about a cost that works with your needs. 

Karmayoga centers work as spiritual practice, and learn how we apply that to our daily sewa (service) by participating in our operations.


“All life is yoga” in our Ashram, and accordingly our disciples find the Divine in all things. Sri Aurobindo  describes the clear mind as a mountain lake where all things can settle, and we cultivate this mindset through evening meditations, talks from Ramchandra and kirtan (chanting.) 

Ramchandra synthesizes karmayoga as the practice of living with the truth that “everything you do, you do for the Divine.” The Spirit of the Divine lives in our community through our karma, and through the Divine Soul or Atman we all carry inside us. Each of us, including our visitors are sadhaks and sadhikas.

Goods Production

All of the Ashram’s basic needs are met by selling goods made in the Ashram. Incense rolling was one of the first economic activities of the Ashram and since has become an integral part of the ashram’s aroma and framework. Ramchandra himself developed a 100% natural method of using natural glue from local trees combined with a mix of fragrant powders

The Ashram buys wool from the highest quality mountain goats which is spun by hand from a home-made wheel. They spool the wool and dye it in house, making shawls sold throughout Nepal, India and Europe.

Auronepal Travel & Trek

Auronepal Travel Trek Pvt. Ltd is situated in Chandragiri – 6, Kathmandu Nepal. This is a company run by Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir. We offer you a chance to explore the subliminal beauty and simplicity of the giant Himalayas, the wilderness and the innocence of the untouched corner of  Nepal.

Our packages are designed so as to give you physical, mental and emotional satisfaction and trigger mystical and spiritual experiences. As the gigantic Himalayas offer physical adventure, we integrate Yoga and Meditation to kindle the inner adventure as well. We are flexible in reorganizing the packages as per your wish and the kind of adventure that you would like to experience. We also try to recognize your abilities depending on your age and physical conditions and give you a safe and wholesome packages to materialize your adventurous thoughts.