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Karma Yoga

Sâdhu's ego

Excerpt from the book « Ramchandra, I’Enfant des Himalayas
Young and sādhu, my renunciation of the world impres sed people a lot. They would come to see me, ask me questions, ask me how to solve certain problems…or they would simply give me money and stay to meditate near me…
Sometimes I would get several invitations at the same time, and people would fight among themselves to be the one to receive me in their homes. I was used to that. It was normal. But all this made the work of the ashram difficult for me. I had this Sadhu ego that made me suffer. I had been given the job of cleaning the big bOwls in the kitchen with rotten lemon and dirt. After meals, I had to clean the plates of the thousands of people who had finished eating. I was in charge of the first bin, where people put their plates full of sauce and garbage. Tdidn’t understand why was in this situation. What had I done to have this karma? I was dity, I smelled bad, “Why am I here?” At the same time, I saw people with degrees, highly educated, doing the same kind of work… and having no difficulties, being calm, quiet and focused!

So, when l saw them, I told myself that I had to go on… that there was something behind it

The Revelation

Excerpts from the book< Ramchandra, 'Enfant des Himalayas
Everybody could see that | wasn’t happy in my work.
One day, my best friend insisted that I go and ask for another job, something that suited me better, like teaching at school
A wonderful experience, hich I recount in the book, then completely changed my point of view.
Irealized the Perfection of Life and I understood deeply the meaning of Karma Yoga: the total gift of one’s actions to God, without any expectations, without expecting anything in return.. Simply because IHIS Is what has to be done at that moment… Simply because THIS is what is best for oneselt, to become wiser and stronger.
I wasn’t working for clean plates anymore, I was working for God! I wasn’t working for recognition anymore, I was working for God!
When you work for money, the ultimate goal is money… It’s a personal goal that feeds the ego.
When you work for God, the uitimate goal is God. and that changes everything. Working tor lGod is working for all mankind because we are all Une. rom that moment on, everything became different:I loved doing my job so much that I cannot describe in words the Joy I felt. Ihis same work that I didn t ike before, had become pure joy! was above the earth, so light, I had so much joy and energy! I didn’t feel any tiredness anymore!
From that moment onwards, all work became true meditation.
I said to people:
– If you don’t like your work, ask me and I’ll do it! And I did.
I had discovered the true meaning of Karma Yoga.

Children and Karma Yoga

All children practice Karma Yoga from a young age. It is part of Ashram life.
Every morning before meals and school, and every evening after school there is an hour of Kama Yoga for all. Every Saturday morning, a weekly holiday in Nepal, is also dedicated to Karma YOga.
Its a wonderful discipline that teaches them a lot.
On the one hand, they learn a sense of work and community, a sense of giving and responsibility, a sense of effort and commitment… but on the other hand, they learn very concrete things of daily life: gardening, cooking, taking care of cows, building, etc. etc. etc.

Mostly they learn not to be selfish! They learn the meaning of seva, selfless service.

It’s a real treasure for their future life.