Gulmi is the seat of our Spirits greatest dreams. In addition to being the birthplace of our founder, it hosts a small cowshed, recently completed temple and kilometers of trails through the rhododendron hills.
Gulmi is our Spiritual center.


Gulmi is our spiritual core. Nestled in the laligurans (rhodendron) forest of western Nepal at 1910 m, our founder first happened upon this land when visiting home in 2002. Along with the caretakers, a few ashram students each year live here during their “internship” after completing college to reconnect to Ananda of this Natural Peace. Guests are welcome to enjoy the wealth of yogic knowledge contained by the Ashram’s  caretakers in a Serene mountain retreat. Ramchandra himself first had the Divine inspiration to start the Ashram in a similar place, so witness the Spiritual forces in your own retreat.


Gulmi contains a guest house, temple, two acres of mountain farmland, a cowshed and an immense network of trails leading to cliffs, forest temples, mountain views and exploration. Gulmi was intended to be a place of practice and meditation in order to return to oneself and come down the mountain with renewed vigor and Divine Insight.

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Ways to Stay


Gulmi’s caretakers, Ramprasad and Shusma have dedicated their lives to Yoga and seek to share with all practitioners. Learn gayatri mantras and ayurvedic practices, hatha yoga and more.


Participate in karmayoga by offering a service! We welcome all to participate in the farm, cowshed and others kitchen. Those staying for  more than one month are welcome to teach as well!


Explore the local towns on a village safari: a unique way to journey through the rich culture and landscapes of Nepal. Witness blossoming rhododendron, home-cooked meals, and the Serenity of this remote landscape.

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