Sri Aurobindo

Yoga Mandir

Sri Aurobindo

Yoga Mandir 

all life is yoga

Soliditary . Joy . Simplicity . Spirituality

A unique and extraordinary opportunity to discover Nepal, its people, ashrams and children..

to take a break… to give yourself time… to recharge your batteries.
to give yourself a space to regenerate the body and regain health..
to discover life in the ashram and to garden, tinker, teach… share..

A rich, nourishing, caring place. A place where one can truly experience and live in kindness in love and peace. A highly recommended place to recharge your batteries and live differently.

Fabienne- Rennes, France

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir is a place of welcome and openness where you feel good from the very first minutes An art of living based on respect for the living and benevolent action. Bravo and thank you for all that we have received from sharing and listening.


Good morning, everyone, Beautiful photo of entry into the site, it makes you want to leave and find everyone, to see the changes and contribute to the progress of projects and work in progress.

Duquesne Marie – Rontalon

A site that reflects very well the atmosphere of the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir Ashram.


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