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Sri Aurobindo

Yoga Mandir 

Kathmandu Ashram


In the Heart of the

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir

A children's Ashram on the heights of Kathmandu

The Kathmandu Ashram is the heart of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir.
This is where it all started, at the foot of Chandragiri, a mountain culminating at an
altitude of 2,560 m. Up there, with a single glance, the view blazes across the
Kathmandu valley and, in the background, the Himalayan range, from the Manaslu massif to Everest

Meditation Hall

For many years, Ramchandra has dreamed of building a meditation temple at the Kathmandu ashram
His dream finally came true in June 2019!
Welcome to this temple of Peace and Light!
A wonderful place to sit and contemplate Life in itself.


Our Joy

May you be happy touched in your heart and your soul

Our greatest joy is that what is most beautiful and greatest in you is revealed to you and gives you new strength returning home and to your country.

The Ashram is a beautiful Garden, an example of dynamism.

Ayurveda and Naturopathy Clinic

Ramchandra has long dreamed of building an
Ayurveda and Naturopathic Care Center. This project
will finally come to light this year at the end of

Organic Faming

On almost one hectare- a luxury in Kathmandu the ashram cultivates all kinds of vegetables all year round:

  • for everyone’s food as well as
  • to sell in the 3 organic markets of Kathmandu, every Saturday

Sri Matri Aurobindo Vidyalaya (Ashram School)

Based on the fundamental principle of Sri
Aurobindo’s integral education, based on the idea
that “nothing can be taught because everything
comes from inside, the school welcomes the
children of the ashram

From kindergarten to 4th class 8th to 10th class students study at Kathmandu.
From 5th to 7th class, children will live in the Terai
ashram along with their studies.

The Guest House

Guest House in Ashram accommodates visitors and travelers from all over the world.

If it does not offer luxury rooms. a comfortable space
conforming to Western standards, rest assured that
everyone, young and old, will go out of their way to offer
you the best that is possible for them.

Here, warmth, joy and service are essential values that make material comfort less important than in the West. The quality of the welcome is so touching!
At Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, the food is vegetarian, cooked and produced from organic farm of Ashram. Young boys and girls will be happy to teach you their secrets and how to play with spices according to the dishes

Travel and Trek with us.

Several young people from the ashram are running Auronepal Travel & Trek.
Prem, Vishnu, Jeevan and Suvash, will be happy to make you discover Nepal, its traditional treks which go to meet the mythical summits of the Himalayas… but also its secret and magical corners.
If you wish… they will also make you discover Nepal…off the regular track!

The Yoga Center

The ashram is highly renowned for its yoga skills (asanas postures) in all of South Asia, notably thanks to its yogini children. They participate in various national and international yoga competitions and win numerous prizes.

Here at Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, yoga is a permanent discipline, at all times, based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

“All life is yoga.”

This is the moto of the ashram and integral yoga, of which postures are only a very small part.

The Cultural Center

Sri Aurobindo Yaga Mandir is known throughout Nepal and beyond for his classical dance presentations and it’s traditional dance choreographies. Some young people follow in the footsteps of Laxmi and study for several years in India the various classical dances and music.
The expert young girls will be happy to teach you the basic movements of classical dance, and their messages!

The Incense Workshop

The production of incense was the first income resource of the ashram.
Ramchandra himself has developed, through trial and error, a 100% natural method from the pulp of a specially sticky tree to which he adds a paste, or a mixture of fragrant powder
Very quickly, the children learned to roll incense sticks, small bits of bamboo specially cut for the occasion by following certain knowledge developed by the father of Ramchandra.

It is the incense that you have the opportunity to buy
during events in France with Ramchandra.

The Weaving Workshop

Pashmina is the noblest, oldest and most luxurious variety of cashmere. The ashram buys wool extracted out from high mountain goats, where it is finest and softest: at the neck and stomach. Then it is spun by hand with a spinning wheel made from a bicycle wheel, then spooled to be woven and finally dyed.
It is with this pashmina that the shawls sold at the ashram are made, during visits to Ramchandra here and there, and almost everywhere in the world by correspondence.